Alpha Link Industrial Company

We are manufacturing company that provides various kinds of switch gears, control panels which are suitable for substation, industrial and residential use.

Who We Are

Panel Manufacturing

  • Main Distribution Board Panel
  • ACB Panel
  • Meter Panel

Installation Services

  • Bus Dust Installation
  • Substation Installation
  • Design for Various Type of Control Panel

Cable Services

  • Cable Ladder
  • Cable Tray
  • Cable Trunking

Futuring Smart & Safe Energy

Engineering and Design
According to the technical specifications, our design engineers can provide accurate panel design.
Switchboard Manufacturing
We can provide smart and safety production system.
Testing of Swtichgear Panel
We provide testing for good quality.
Service and Maintenance
We provide reliable service to customer.
  • icon 1Safety
  • icon 2Reliability
  • icon 3Quality
  • icon 4Good Service

If you want Safety, Reliability, Quality & Good Service, you can join to ALIC